Saturday, September 1, 2007

River Update and fall colors in our Valley

So, this is what the river looks like now. It has dropped dramatically in the last few weeks. Oh the changes that are near! In a way it makes me sad, but in another way it makes me appreciate the changes here in Alaska. They are so dramatic and drastic that it almost makes you excited to partake in them. So my dear brother Dan and sister Sherry (who will be here in September), I wonder what adventures are ahead for us during your visit! Click here for pictures of previous 'river update' pictures.
This is what I see each day when I drive over the hill to our house. The fall colors are just beginning to come out. Again, this will change so rapidly in the next few weeks. Don't be surprised if the next update is without leaves and that could be as soon as 2 weeks from now! Glad that wood is chopped and the woodshed is FULL! Have a wonderful fall!


De'Etta said...

Fall - I loved fall in AK - all 2 or 3 weeks of it. ::snort:: I drink in the scenery on your blog...sort of refreshes me...because mesquite just doesn't cut it for us. LOL

Berry Patch said...

My furnace kicked on here last night. It's downright chilly here in Maine lately but it's going to get hot again this weekend. It will only take a few more weeks for fall to really settle in here.

Cynthia said...

I LOVE the picture with the road. What an awesome view you have. Remind me long you'll be up there?