Saturday, September 1, 2007

Denali Grande Lodge and wildlife

Here is the beautiful Grande Denali Lodge. This is where we stayed the first night. After checking in, we caught the bus for an 8 hour tour inside Denali Park.
More views of the beautiful fall colors.
A Pika! I was SO happy to get to see one of these. All of the pictures of the wildlife were taken from inside the bus. So, they aren't the best pictures, but I was pretty pleased with most of them.
These are Willow Ptarmigan. They are just starting to turn white. Their feet have already turned. Later in the winter they will be completely white. Click HERE for a picture of the Willow Ptarmigan in the winter.
Snowshoe Hare. Again, just starting to turn to winter white. There were lots of Snowshoe Hare in the park.

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