Saturday, September 1, 2007

Local highlights...Iditarod Headquarters

We decided to do a little local sight seeing in the Valley. We went to the Musk Ox Farm but I didn't get any good pictures. Next time. Here are some pictures of the Iditarod dogs and puppies. We did take a ride around with the dogs pulling us in a cart (not quite the same as in the winter!)
Beth and the puppies...always!

Trying to take a picture backwards while we were going around the curves! Beth and Marsha seemed to be enjoying the ride!


De'Etta said...

We've BEEN here - and on the tram - what fun to see these sites again.

Cynthia said...

FUN. So you can ride the trail before winter, huh? I wonder if we could ever get away for a week in the fall to go to AK? We're usually SO BUSY clear up until the snow flies here that you'd probably be completely socked in by then....