Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annual Bible Read-a-thon for Tanalian Bible Camp!

Beth and Kyle and their youth group (link is to pictures of last year's camp) are gearing up for their summer trip to Tanalian Bible Camp.

They all pay their own way, with the price somewhere around $350 per person. Beth and Kyle will each be paying $100 of their own trip. This will come from their jobs this last year. Beth worked for a local artist and babysat and Kyle worked for an organic farmer last summer and hopefully will again this summer. Ralph and I want to teach them that they are to put in their own money before they ask others for help.

They recently sent out an email asking for donations for the Bible Read-a-thon. Each year the youth group takes a 24 hour period and reads the Bible non-stop for those 24 hours. This year it will be on May 4-5 from 7pm until 7pm! During this 24 hour period they walk, jump, eat, travel to the river, go to a restaurant (to help the sleepiness) but they never stop reading. They each take turns reading one chapter. It is a stretch and growing experience for all of them. If you participate for four years in a row, you end up reading the first five books (the law) and one gospel each year, and after all four years will end up reading the entire Bible.

If you see this and want to donate, please send an email to rfkettler@gmail.com with the amount you would like to pledge along with your name and mailing address. You will receive a letter from the church for your tax purposes. It is completely tax deductible. You can pledge a certain amount per chapter, book, hour or just a one time gift. They read somewhere near 300 chapters each year so be careful not to pledge too much! LOL

Again, Beth and Kyle would love your prayers for safety as they travel and for them to have an impact in the lives of the young campers as they love on them and introduce them to the Lord.

More photos of our road

These photos were taken just after we called road maintenance. They blocked sections off and soon after this were out rerouting the water by cleaning out the culvert. The water now runs beside the road instead of across the road. Hopefully later today they will fill in the huge crevasses that are left!