Sunday, February 25, 2007

Alaska's Annual Fur Rondy!

Every year in February, Anchorage hosts Fur Rondy! This is a winter carnival with Alaskan winter activities. Supposedly created to help chase away the winter blues, it is a highlight to our February. Last year we watch the dog races. This year my husband and daughter attended the Snow Carving contest and the Dog Weight Pull contest. They had a blast! This is our daughter and one of the snow carvings.
The start of the Dog Weight Pull contest. They have to pull the sled of weight 25 feet, once off the ice slab and on the snow, in 60 seconds.
Here is a beautiful St. Bernard. Yesterday's winner pulled 2800 pounds! The record here in Alaska is 5200 pounds!
My daughter couldn't resist taking a picture of Mordor made out of snow!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The last of the snow cave

Here it is in all it's glory...moments before it is destroyed! LOL
Contemplating just how to cave this monster in...
The jump! Moments after this, they all disappeared into the cave and the cave was destroyed. Boy did they have fun!

Monday, February 19, 2007

More snow cave adventures

The meeting room...this room is about 5 ft. high and about 15-18 ft. across (kind of round actually) with the kitchen set off to one side. This is where the youth group comes to get warm and watch movies (yes, they have a generator and have a TV and DVD player!)
My son and daughter and their good friend...trying to stay warm.
More friends in the meeting room. Altogether there are nearly 30 high school students and a few leaders, three I think!
One of my son's buddies trying to hide from the camera
One of my daughter's friends in their cave. My daughter and her three friends, along with a little help from dad and another male friend, dug this big enough for the four of them to sleep warmly last night!
The boy's den...the boys had a little trouble. They dug their cave too high and ended up being able to see daylight and had a leaky they are moving into the meeting room and sleeping there tonight. The wind chill could be -40 tonight, so they certainly need a warm, leak-proof cave!


The boys urinal in the snow cave! Yuck!
Our Youth Pastor getting ready for the arrival of 25 high school students. Notice the wood braces...hmmm makes you wonder...are they holding up the roof??
The kitchen stocked with nutritious food! LOL
My daughter and her beautiful friends, getting ready to dig their sleeping cave
My son and his best buddies, in the beginning stages of their sleeping cave.
LOTS of work...this is Alaska...10 degrees or less with 20mph winds and notice some of the kids in short sleeves!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Moose on the loose...

These pictures are of a young moose on our drive into Palmer. The moose are really hungry this year due to all the heavy snowfall and they will happily eat any tree in your yard that provides nourishment! They will even eat the bark off the birch trees.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Notice the 'glow' of the sun in the upper parts of the trees and the valley!
Here it is! The first SUN to hit our house since Thanksgiving! I know this probably doesn't mean much to those of you who have sun each SUNNY day, but for us, living on the north side of this mountain, this means SO MUCH!