Saturday, March 3, 2007

A few additional teams

Following our favorite musher

Here is Matt and his team getting into place
Into place and being interviewed by the press
On your mark...get set...

There begins Matt's RACE TO NOME! God's speed Matt.

Our Favorite Musher!

Thanks to some dear friends of ours who live in Hawaii and are part of the e-ditarod program on the internet, we have adopted Matt as our favorite musher and who we will be praying for and cheering for this year. Here is Matt (Number 72) talking to our friends in Hawaii on the phone this morning before the start of the race.
Here is Matt getting his dogs hooked up and ready to start!
Some of Matt's beautiful dogs.
Matt's team lined up and ready to begin their run to the starting line.
Matt ran his team a little different than most teams. Most teams had a handler on all their dogs. Matt had a couple of helpers, but basically took the lead and ran his dogs into the starting place.

Interesting people of the 2007 Iditarod!

The K-9 Fairies...(I have no idea, don't ask!)
Some of our Russian neighbors.
These are HATS! The animal is dead, I promise!

The 35th 'Last Great Race'

The dogs of the 2007 Iditarod!

Before the race, we walked up and down 4th avenue looking at the dogs and here was one pretty baby resting in one of the musher's sleds.
Aren't they beautiful!
These two were in one of the dog trailers, waiting for their turn to RUN!