Saturday, April 28, 2007

The highlight of our Spring...chopping wood!!!

Well, it isn't a fun thing for me, but Ralph seems to really enjoy this. We COULD rent a hydraulic wood splitter, but he likes to chop it the hard way. He and Kyle and Kyle's friends actually fight over who gets to do the chopping. Beth and I always get to do the hauling and stacking!

Changing over the studded snow tires...

Don't I just look thrilled to be doing this job? Ignore the dirt please! LOL Ralph taught me how to remove the studs from our winter tires so that we could just go ahead and use the tires this summer. The studs were pretty well worn out so they couldn't have been used another season.
This is what they look like when they are pulled out.
And this is how you get them DIG them out with a screwdriver. This is not a fun job, but I was glad to be able to help Ralph get this done. One of the many things we had to get done this weekend in preparation for Ralph's deployment.

Spring happenings...

Well, the wood pile is getting smaller isn't it?
This is our first fire of the season. Here in Alaska it is TOO cold to have an outdoor fire in the winter, but Spring and Summer are GREAT times for outdoor fires. Curtis built this fire pit our first summer here and it is wonderful to have. Helps keep the mosquitoes away also!
Snow shovels are heading back into storage.
IF we can get our mosquito magnet working, we hope it will help with the mega-mosquitoes this year.
Of course, I had to get my fishing gear ready today! We bought our fishing licenses today so I had 'fishing fever' We got the new line on the reels and are ready to go!! May 10th I plan on catching my first King Salmon of the season! I know, wishful thinking, but that is okay.

River update...

The river has thawed and the ice break up is over. This is the lowest the river will be. Soon you will notice it coming up and later in the spring it will be from trees to trees.