Thursday, December 27, 2007

We have a WINNER!!!

Well, after much debate (with my husband) and prayer, Ralph and I have chosen a slogan that we think fits ME as a Realtor. As most of you know, I am a pretty down to earth person who likes to tell it like it is. So, my slogan couldn't be something that is just all positive and cute! Just doesn't fit me! LOL We chose the following slogan:

'Knows the realities...Finds the dreams' sent in by Becca in Co!

We chose this for numerous reasons. Life is hard. I know it and so will my clients. Life is especially hard here in Alaska with lots of extra challenges, even the challenges of finding a home that fits your needs and your dreams. So, I wanted to be honest, but let others know that there are dreams available here in the amazing state of Alaska. This slogan just seemed to FIT ME! I don't know if it will be successful or not. Only a trial run and time will tell, but I hope it will be.

I have my first listing already and I am just loving this job! I have so much peace about what the Lord is doing in my life right now. I have no anxiety about getting the next listing because I know the Lord will provide the right person at the right time. I am just working hard to do my job to the best of my ability and trusting Him to provide the rest.

So, thank you friends and family for the ideas to help make my business a success. I want to give a few honorable or 'dishonorable' mentions to some other favorites! There are a few of them I will be using on some pages of my website, including the Military link I am working on.

Here are the slogans or thoughts I will be using, followed by the slogan ideas that were just too funny to NOT let you all in on:

First honorable mention goes to Corrine in TX. She wrote that she would have something like this on her military page if she were in my shoes. I completely agree!

'A military family always has longings to plant roots in their dream home and community one day...let me help you realize that dream in one of the most caring and intimate communities I have found in my 20 years of travel as a military spouse: beautiful Palmer and Wasilla, nestled amongst majestic mountain peaks, rushing salmon-filled streams and a warm, small-town feel where everyone 'belongs.'

Second honorable mention goes to Vonnie in MN. She sent this wonderful little tidbit that I will also be using on my Military page:

'Whatever your mission, there's always good fishin'~ Alaska

Third honorable mention was from Karen in Alaska. I almost used this one Karen, but decided to go a different direction. If my first choice doesn't work, I may come back to this one! LOL

'No slogans, just results!'

Now for the rejects...ummm...I mean those that didn't win but just had to be shared! LOL

Dody can carry your loady
Don't get treated like dooty get Dody
Dial Dody for Deals!
Your Dream home is Dody's Duty's not just a job, it's and adventure!

And my favorite 'reject' of all: Give me your money and I will sell your house

So Becca sweetie! You are the winner of a $50 gas card. Please email me privately at so Ralph and I can get that to you asap!

Blessings my friends!
"Knows the realities...Finds the dreams"

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Many more slogan possibilities...

Well, I have received some pretty good slogan possibilities. Ralph and I are working this week to get my real estate blog and website set up and will make a final decision on the slogan contest. If you have been holding out on sending in your idea, this would be a great time to do so. We have typed them all up and are going to make a final decision by Jan 2nd! We will then announce the winner of the gas card.

Thanks to all of you who have sent in ideas, thoughts, compliments and encouragement. Many went to the blog comment section and I have received so many private emails of encouragement. Thanks for your prayers as Ralph and I develop this business. It is going to take lots of prayer and work to make a go of this, but I believe the Lord continues to open the doors for this so I will proceed, walking in faith!

May this Christmas day be a taste of what the Lord has to offer you in your lives. May you feel His presence today and each day of this new year!

Dody and Ralph, Beth, Kyle, Jonas and the NEW puppy, Hatcher!

Monday, December 3, 2007


Well I received lots of emails and comments as to the perfect slogan! Some were down right hilarious! One that sticks out (thanks Dan and Barb) is 'Let Dody carry the Loady' LOL

I thought about all the entries, but nothing just stuck out as the perfect slogan for me. There are a few insights and thoughts that may lead me to my slogan and of course those are all still in the running. I am going to keep the contest open for a week or so and see if I can get a few more ideas or actual 3-5 word slogans. At that point I will really work to make something from the ideas and thoughts that came in during all of this.

So, no winner of the gas card YET, but I am still hopeful and will send it out as soon as the perfect slogan hits! Come on everyone, I just know someone out there has the PERFECT slogan for me!

Thank you all for your time and care. It is so appreciated and your kind words were very humbling to this stay-at-home-mom moving into the career world!


Saturday, December 1, 2007


As of yesterday, I began a new career in real estate, working for Prudential Jack White/Vista here in Wasilla, Alaska. There is much involved in starting a new career in real estate and I am a bit curious as to how it will all come about, but so very excited to experience it as it unfolds.

Here is where I need your help. My family and my friends are the people who know me the best. You know my personality, good and bad, and you know my likes and dislikes, etc. Because of this I am coming to each of you to ask you to help me come up with a SLOGAN for my business!

What I would LOVE for each of you to do is to either add a comment on the bottom of this post or email me privately with either a slogan idea or something you think may help me figure out a slogan, something about me, my life here in Alaska, etc that might spur me on to think of that perfect slogan. IF I CHOOSE your idea or slogan, you will received a $50 gas card!! I need to move pretty quickly on this, so you only have a few days to get your ideas or slogans to me. I have to have an idea before Monday morning training. You have until 9pm EST on Sunday, December 2nd to submit your ideas either in the comment box here or to my private email at

Remember, I live in Alaska, I have been 'military' for 20 years as of yesterday so I do feel I can concentrate on helping military relocate here in Alaska, I love to fish and fishing is HUGE in Alaska, I am a Christian and I love music and organizing THINGS!

SO, if you have a little time to help me in this matter I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks and may the best slogan win!