Saturday, December 1, 2007


As of yesterday, I began a new career in real estate, working for Prudential Jack White/Vista here in Wasilla, Alaska. There is much involved in starting a new career in real estate and I am a bit curious as to how it will all come about, but so very excited to experience it as it unfolds.

Here is where I need your help. My family and my friends are the people who know me the best. You know my personality, good and bad, and you know my likes and dislikes, etc. Because of this I am coming to each of you to ask you to help me come up with a SLOGAN for my business!

What I would LOVE for each of you to do is to either add a comment on the bottom of this post or email me privately with either a slogan idea or something you think may help me figure out a slogan, something about me, my life here in Alaska, etc that might spur me on to think of that perfect slogan. IF I CHOOSE your idea or slogan, you will received a $50 gas card!! I need to move pretty quickly on this, so you only have a few days to get your ideas or slogans to me. I have to have an idea before Monday morning training. You have until 9pm EST on Sunday, December 2nd to submit your ideas either in the comment box here or to my private email at

Remember, I live in Alaska, I have been 'military' for 20 years as of yesterday so I do feel I can concentrate on helping military relocate here in Alaska, I love to fish and fishing is HUGE in Alaska, I am a Christian and I love music and organizing THINGS!

SO, if you have a little time to help me in this matter I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks and may the best slogan win!


Guinever said...

I'll be thinking of something, Dody darling!!! But I don't know if I'll come up with anything worthy of the Alaskan queen who presides over the chocolate corner.

Anonymous said...

Okay, are you looking more for a catchy bio as a slogan?? Or a jingle slogan? Something like, “The military flew you here, now let me help you land your Alaskan dream home.”
Something like that or different??

I'm thinkin'!!!
Love ya, Kat

Melanie said...

Oh...a contest!!! This is so much fun!!! We probably shouldn't include "crackpot" in the slogan right? ROFLOL

De'Etta said...

Wow - big changes. I love the fact that you are a real estate agent...does this mean that you can help me buy my dream home in Hope? ::snort::

Seriously, I'll think and see if I come up with any slogans.

Kat S. said...

so like I couldn't think of anything funny or silly but I came up with this... here ya go :)
"It's not a house your looking for its a Home and let Alaska be that Home."

Former Co oper student dude
Kat S.

Marty Van Diest said...

Hi Dodi,

Don't have a slogan for you...don't even have one for myself.

But I thought I'd give you a little hint.

Google Alerts

I have several google alerts set up that automatically send me an email every time someone somewhere mentions certain words.

You should put your own name in as an alert and any other key words that you think are important. Don't get too carried away or you will get buried in google alert emails.

This blog post came up because I have a google alert on "wasilla real estate"

BTW...congrats on your new career!

greenehouse2003 said...

A military family always has longings to plant roots in their dream home and community one day...let me help you realize that dream in one of the most caring and intimate communities I have found in my 20 years of travel as a military spouse: beautiful Wasilla, nestled amongst majestic mountain peaks, rushing salmon-filled streams and a warm, small-town feel where everyone "belongs."

Dody Kettler, Wasilla Real Estate
Helping families come home.

Well--the only brain cells I have are in the morning--so here's my best--but you don't have to worry about my $50 gift card (lol)--if you want to send me some Alaskan goodies, you may!! j/k! I know you will have many good submissions and I am only teasing!

love you