Saturday, June 16, 2007

Potter's Marsh birds

These young gulls were just right off the parking lot. I hope they will be okay.

The momma gull came with fish in her tummy and regurgitated them up for the little ones. It was pretty gross, but really cool at the same time.
I think this may be my favorite picture this summer. This is an Arctic Tern. If you don't know much about them it would be worth looking up. They love to hover over the water watching for things to eat in the water. This one hovered for a good minute and allowed me some great photo opts.

What is a Bore? Bears and Berniese

Not sure you can read this, but if you click on it you might be able to read about a Bore Tide.

Momma and black bear cub twins! This was REALLY far away so you can't really tell what they are, but I promise you they are a black bear family! LOL
This beautiful Berniese named Princess was also enjoying watching the bore tide (or maybe the other dogs there!)

The Bore Tide of Turnagain Arm

It is a little bit difficult to see, but this is the Bore Tide that comes up the Turnagain Arm. It varies in size from very small, just inches, to about 6 feet. This one was about 1 foot but looked more like a wave because there was no wind to push it up. The inlet was perfectly calm and this bore tide just came straight up the inlet and took over the sandbars. It was pretty cool. Some visitors were a little disappointed in the size, but big or little it was pretty amazing watching it come up the Arm.