Friday, July 27, 2007

A few more sites from Kyrgyzstan

Lunch out with the boys.

Catching a monster fish!

Now how about that? I think after catching this fish, Ralph will be ready to be back in Alaska catching King Salmon! LOL He said he was the only one to catch anything and THIS was it! What a hoot!

From Alaska to Kyrgyzstan

Ralph was able to take a fishing trip in Kyrgyzstan a couple of days ago. Here are some photos of the area. Isn't the cowboy great? Ralph says the cows and goats roam free around the streets and the houses are just horrible, little shanties. A good reminder to pray for the Kyrgyzstan people.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sailing on the lake...

Curtis and Elizabeth in the sailboat. Pretty romantic for the newlyweds!

Sunset on the lake

Just another beautiful shot of the sunset.

More kayaking

They had a wonderful time and even took the kayaks out to a floating platform for a little 'cool' water swimming!

Sunset and kayaking at the B & B

Here is Curtis, Kyle, Jessica and Josh out in the Kayaks at sunset (or near sunset at 10:30p). It was a beautiful place to stay and we are so thankful to Tess and her cousin for arranging and allowing us to stay with them!

Jessica's fish in the net

Here is the one and only Sockeye for the evening. Kyle and Jessica would work together the next day to pull in a HUGE sockeye and save yet another fishing day. Only two fish caught all weekend, with about 4-5 hours of fishing. Here is Curtis' description of the weekend:
1 river, 5 fishermen, 4 dipnets, 5 hours of fishing...2 FISH! PRICELESS or EXPENSIVE whichever way you want to look at it!LOL

Jessica gets her fish!

So Jessica saved the day for our group! We call this the $400 fish, since this was the only fish caught that night on the river. It was a medium Sockeye Salmon and we were so proud of Jessica for landing this one!

We need a fire!

Here is Elizabeth so wonderfully gathering drift wood for a fire. I got a little colder than we were expecting out on the 'river', but Elizabeth and Glenda were the wood gatherers and the younger boys started a great fire with my box of kleenex!

Line of dip netters

Okay, so here is a small amount of the MANY dip netters along the river. There was every kind of dip net imaginable!

In the WATER!

So Kyle and I pushed the huge net into the ocean (I mean river) and waited for our fish to swim into our net. Guess what? It never happened! At least not for Kyle and I. The fish just had not arrived in the 'river' yet! Maybe in another week or so they will be there in abundance!

Let the dip netting begin!!!!!

So this is how the dip netting began...putting this huge net into the 'river' (it was actually the ocean, but they pretend it is the river since the river and ocean meet in this area!)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

River Update

The river continues to rise. Click here for previous photos.