Saturday, December 30, 2006

Snow Caving!

We have had SO much snow the last few weeks, Kyle, his buddies and his dad decided it was time to make a snow cave. Normally the Youth Group at church does this up in the mountains when there is plenty of snowfall. This year we were able to do it in our yard! Because of the heavy snowfall and Ralph plowing the snow into the middle of the yard, there are areas of snow over 6 feet tall. This is where the digging began. Soon they should be able to sit, lie down and probably stand comfortably, AND they are attaching the three caves with tunnels. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to get lots of wonderful pictures, but here are just a few from tonight.

Welcome to winter in Alaska!

Hello and welcome! We would like to share a little bit of our lives in Alaska with our family and friends. This blog is our attempt to show you, in photos and our thoughts, what it is like living in this amazing corner of the world. Sometimes we take for granted the beauty of our own location. Sometimes we rush through life not realizing what is right before our eyes. Sometimes we have to work really hard in order to enjoy things that are difficult or frightening. We have a little of all of that here. Welcome to our world. Enjoy!Looking out our dining room window, through the icicles and snow-draped winter trees, to the Chugach Mountains north of our home.