Saturday, December 30, 2006

Welcome to winter in Alaska!

Hello and welcome! We would like to share a little bit of our lives in Alaska with our family and friends. This blog is our attempt to show you, in photos and our thoughts, what it is like living in this amazing corner of the world. Sometimes we take for granted the beauty of our own location. Sometimes we rush through life not realizing what is right before our eyes. Sometimes we have to work really hard in order to enjoy things that are difficult or frightening. We have a little of all of that here. Welcome to our world. Enjoy!Looking out our dining room window, through the icicles and snow-draped winter trees, to the Chugach Mountains north of our home.


The Doerr Family said...

WOW Kettler family, this is amazing. You are right, the beauty around you is absolutly amazing. I am so excited to see how God has blessed all of you with such an awesome place to live and enjoy your life for a time.
Love to you all!
The Doerr Family!

Marsha said...

Kat is right! WOW!!! Thank you so much for sharing your corner of the world with us. It's the next best thing to being there.
Marsha, Scott & Brian

DriverDan said...

Hey Dode! You really have a talent for blogging--Great job.
I hope and pray our moose hunt will happen next Sept.
In His Loving Name,

Big Bro' Dan

Queen Bee said...

VERY COOL! I'm so excited to add your blog to my list of ones I frequent when I have a few minutes.

Kristine said...

Dody, your blog looks terrific! What an amazing, amazing view! I've always considered Alaska to be my dream vacation, even though I'm not an outdoors person--just for the scenery. I'm getting too old, haha, to want to visit anywhere cold any more. I can see why so many military decide to make Alaska their home. I can't wait to see more shots like this. I'm so glad you are up and RUNNING!!!

De'Etta said...

There is simply no place like ALASKA!! Gorgeous photo. To think we used to look out the window and snap shots like this.

Thanks for sharing.

Romany said...


It's really exciting to see your blog and the fun things your family can do in Alaska!


Stacey said...

This picture is absolutely beautiful. It looks like a post card. makes me cold!