Thursday, May 10, 2007

Graduation Night continues

Me and my wonderful friends from our church, Nancy, Tess and Crystal!
Anna and her father, Jim during the 'father's speeches' last night!
Ralph trying to convince Beth to give a little speech! It didn't work!

Graduation 2007!!!!!!!

The night before...Beth finally got her iPod Video, the only thing she asked for for graduation. She certainly earned it. What an intense level of study she completed in high school. She will attend Mat-Su College this fall taking four of her basic education classes.
The FOOD table! The girls, Crystal and I worked MANY hours preparing all the delicious food!
The dessert area. We have cheesecake, lemon bars, Baklava, Balsamic Strawberries with cream, Texas Sheet Cake, meringues and chocolate covered pretzels...all homemade! It was all wonderful and there wasn't much left to take home.
The youth group hanging out before being allowed to consume the food!
Kyle and Josh, waiting patiently for food.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Signs of Spring...

There are a few trees in our yard that are starting to bud!!

This snow hare is in the middle of his transformation between his winter and summer coats. In the winter he would be completely white. In the spring and summer he is completely brown. I just loved catching a picture of this little guy! We don't see them very often in the winter. I think they are very well camouflaged. We do see them sometimes in the summer, but not too often in between!