Monday, June 4, 2007

More Misc MN photos

Frisbee golf was our favorite pass time while we were in MN. That and playing Settlers of Catan. Here is a photo of Beth and Kyle learning to play
Here are the professional disc golf players. You should see Elizabeth throw that thing
Well, you should see Elizabeth throw that things most of the time. This throw ended up in the river, but Kyle was the hero and waded in and save the beloved disc.
This little beauty was in the grass. A young robin, probably didn't make it, but it was a thrill to get to see it close up.
Beth climbing a tree at the MN Arboretum.

Misc graduation week photos

Curtis, Elizabeth and I singing and playing at church. Hear us singing together by clicking on this link. To hear Curtis sing 'Give me Jesus' click here.
Curtis and Dr. Donaldson, one of his favorite professors
Curtis and Dr. Rivard, the other favorite professor
Curtis and Elizabeth at the graduation banquet
Elizabeth and her beautiful sisters

MORE recital pictures...whoops

Curtis performing one of his songs

Two beautiful photos of Elizabeth performing.
Curtis composed a song for piano, violin (played by Elizabeth), tenor, baritone and alto. Here are the vocalists performing his composition. Click on 'composition' to hear the song.

Special graduation 'stuff'

Curtis' Senior Key Honors medal.
Elizabeth just after receiving her diploma, getting a congrats from her Aunt.
Curtis FINALLY getting his much awaited diploma.
The Kettler/Schmidt Families...missing one special person (sigh)

Graduation Day!!

Here are the graduates. Elizabeth graduated with a degree in Piano Performance. Curtis graduated with a music degree is Worship Arts. Elizabeth is planning on finishing her business degree and Curtis will be going back to school to get his masters in Choral Conducting after taking this year to work at the college in the music department.
Can you see my pride? I am so proud and at the same time humbled by how the Lord has blessed us all!

Waiting patiently for the diplomas
Waiting impatiently for the diplomas

Trip to MN!!

We went to MN to visit Curtis and Elizabeth. During our trip we attended their senior recital and their graduation among other events. For the next few blog postings I will be getting my family updated with photos of our trip. After that we will go back to regularly scheduled programming and our Alaskan Adventures including a wonderful canoe and fishing!

This is the poster that was up around the college for their recital. Aren't they cute?
Here is the program for their recital. It was beautiful.
It was a family event, getting ready for this recital. Here are the kids and their Grandma Moore.
Ready to perform!!!!!! No nerves here! LOL
One last shot before heading to the chapel. My amazing children!

Graduation Day Picture

This is the group of pictures we had open for people to sign at Beth's graduation. It came out beautiful and is such a neat addition to our 'graduate' wall!!