Monday, June 4, 2007

Trip to MN!!

We went to MN to visit Curtis and Elizabeth. During our trip we attended their senior recital and their graduation among other events. For the next few blog postings I will be getting my family updated with photos of our trip. After that we will go back to regularly scheduled programming and our Alaskan Adventures including a wonderful canoe and fishing!

This is the poster that was up around the college for their recital. Aren't they cute?
Here is the program for their recital. It was beautiful.
It was a family event, getting ready for this recital. Here are the kids and their Grandma Moore.
Ready to perform!!!!!! No nerves here! LOL
One last shot before heading to the chapel. My amazing children!

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De'Etta said...

Those posters are darling and I love the photo of all 3 children.