Saturday, April 28, 2007

The highlight of our Spring...chopping wood!!!

Well, it isn't a fun thing for me, but Ralph seems to really enjoy this. We COULD rent a hydraulic wood splitter, but he likes to chop it the hard way. He and Kyle and Kyle's friends actually fight over who gets to do the chopping. Beth and I always get to do the hauling and stacking!


Queen Bee said...

We used to go get wood, chop it, and stack it back when the girls were little. We no longer do that now, but one of these winters we should because the BOYS would love it.. the girls didn't. Dh just doesn't have time to get out now in the summer now to stock up on any wood.

Queen Bee said...

How long will your dh be deployed?

Dody Kettler said...

Hi Cynthia. He is doing the 4 month thing this time.

Debbie said...

Dody, we are blessed with my dad who also loves to do this job.

He spends all winter cutting trees on our land, hauling them out with his bulldozer and then all summer, cutting and splitting it!

Please let us know when Ralph is going (or for security stuff, after he has gone) so we can pray for you.

Cynthia said...

Did you happen to take a picture of us together at City Brew when we met? I'm making a list of all the cyberfriends I've met and hoping to gather pictures from any of you who have them.