Sunday, February 25, 2007

Alaska's Annual Fur Rondy!

Every year in February, Anchorage hosts Fur Rondy! This is a winter carnival with Alaskan winter activities. Supposedly created to help chase away the winter blues, it is a highlight to our February. Last year we watch the dog races. This year my husband and daughter attended the Snow Carving contest and the Dog Weight Pull contest. They had a blast! This is our daughter and one of the snow carvings.
The start of the Dog Weight Pull contest. They have to pull the sled of weight 25 feet, once off the ice slab and on the snow, in 60 seconds.
Here is a beautiful St. Bernard. Yesterday's winner pulled 2800 pounds! The record here in Alaska is 5200 pounds!
My daughter couldn't resist taking a picture of Mordor made out of snow!


De'Etta said...

Ah Fur Rondy....We also loved to check out the snow scultures. I'd forgotten it was that time of the year.

Queen Bee said...

That sounds like SO MUCH fun... we usually go on vacation in Feb. I'll have to think about AK sometime!