Saturday, September 1, 2007

Majestic Mt. McKinley

Well, during the month of August in Alaska, one comes to expect rain, rain and more rain. My friend Marsha decided to visit during our 'rainy' season. The next few blog entries will be of our romps through Alaska, to Denali and Fairbanks, to Seward and Girdwood. Take care to look at the skies! Other than late afternoon on the cruise in Seward, and an afternoon shower in Fairbanks, it was SUNNY the whole week. It was amazing. We started our travels heading NORTH into new territory for me. I had never been to Denali National Park or Fairbanks so I was very excited to experience this with Marsha. The first two pictures here are of Mt. McKinley, which is only supposed to be visable 20% of the time, from the south on our drive up the state. These pictures were taken on our drive up. Okay, what an amazing, majestic mountain. As I post more on the blog, enjoy the amazing sights from Denali National Park and Preserve.

This third picture was taken inside Denali looking at Mt. McKinley from the north. You can see the top poking through the clouds.

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Cynthia said...

WOW - 20% of the time and you got a BEAUTIFUL shot! Looks like you couldn't have ordered better weather for Marsha's trip.