Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More adventures...

Okay, after Kinzie caught fish and Brian didn't, he wanted this picture just to make sure everyone realized that he caught fish one day and Kinzie didn't. She was a great sport about it! LOL
There are LOTS of salmon carcasses on the beach at the fishing hole. Brian decided he might want to taste one of them. Brian is quite the comedian!
We opted for the cruise of Whittier this time instead of the cruise in Seward. It was an absolutely amazing day with blue skies and warm temperatures, unlike the usual weather in Whittier, Ak.
In order to get to Whittier, you must go through this 2.6 mile long tunnel cut into the mountain during WWII. It is narrow and runs one direction on the hour and another direction on the half hour.
This sign was posted on the Whittier harbor! We thought it was hysterical.

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Cynthia said...

Ok. that's one long tunnel.... I don't do tunnels very well!