Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Company galore!

How wonderful it was to have part of Ralph's family here with me for the last week. It was somewhat difficult for them because of Kelly's death, but the Lord was with us and the beauty of Alaska helped them to relax and heal just a little. Of course the first thing they wanted to do was fish for salmon...so off to the fishing hole we headed. After a little practice casting they were ready to go and jumped right in the combat fishing line like pros.
Kinzie was the first and only person to land a fish the first night fishing. It was a proud moment! Girls rule!
The next day all of us EXCEPT Kinzie caught fish. Of course the guys had to have their pictures taken with ALL the fish, not just the fish THEY caught! LOL

One of the beautiful days the family let me rest and Beth joined them for a hike up the Butte. They had a great time seeing the 360 degree view of the mountains and the glacier.

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