Monday, June 25, 2007

Mahay's Riverboat in Talkeetna, AK

We drove to Talkeetna to see if by chance Mt. McKinley was showing, but since it wasn't and was completely covered by a fire in the area (pictures will follow) we opted to take the Mahay's Highspeed Riverboat upriver out of Talkeetna. It was fun, but nothing I couldn't live without experiencing. My mom had a blast, even when the riverboat did 360s in the middle of the river. You should have seen her! Here are a few pictures. The first is the damage to the trees done by the huge Alaskan beavers in the area. Some are up to 100 pounds!
This is our guide. Along with the ride, we stopped to look at a replica of a trapper's cabin. In order to keep us safe from the things that are higher on the food chain than we are, she had her shotgun with her. She said she had never had to use it. I was certainly glad she didn't have to use it on our tour.
Furs that had been trapped by local trappers. The Otter pelt was just incredible.
Mom getting ready to ride the boat! Can you believe she will be 80 in November??
Stacey modeling a young black bear fur!!

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Cynthia said...

NO WAY does your mom look 80! How nice that she's still able to be out and about actively enjoying life!