Monday, June 25, 2007

Kenai Fjords National Park cruise

Have you ever sat at the foot of a glacier and listened to it talk? How about watching it calve? Well we have and I can only tell you it is absolutely breathtaking!

My wonderful mom on the boat at the foot of the glacier.
Icebergs in the water near the glacier.
Sea kayakers. Maybe I will have to try this soon! Marsha or Kat...are you game??? LOL


Debbie said...

Dody, I had the wonderful experience of kayaking in Prince William Sound for five weeks...many years was a highlight!

Your pictures are gorgeous and bring me back to my trip.

And no, I would not guess that you mom is 80, she is lovely! And that smile gives her such a glow.

Thank you for sharing all your wonderful photos.

guinever said...

These are breath-taking! I feel like I can reach out and touch the glaciers.

Cynthia said...

OH BURRRRR.... we've kayaked in the FL Keys and that was a LOT of fun. I'm not sure I'd like kayaking in AK. I'm thinking that water is pretty cold and we'd be freezing if we took on as much water in AK as we did in FL (LOL).