Monday, June 25, 2007

Black bear alert!

While on the train ride home from Seward, Stacey was standing between train cars in the open air and spotted this young black bear cub sitting in the grass just next to the train. These are a little blurry because we tried to blow them up as big as possible and because we were moving down the train tracks while she took the pictures. BUT, they are wonderful none-the-less. Enjoy!


Cynthia said...

My kids would LOVE to see a bear in the wilderness. We keep watching whenever we go somewhere like Yellowstone Park or some place like that, but so far none of our kids have seen a bear in the wild.

Berry Patch said...

How cool! We just saw bears & moose - at the Maine Wildlife Park - behind lots of fences. :-) Although we do see moose on a regular basis around here. We have yet to see a bear although we did see signs a few months back.