Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First Alaskan adventure of the summer

Richard, a dear friend and fishing buddy to Ralph and I, privileged me with a trout fishing trip to the lake using the beautiful wooden canoe he built himself. What an evening. I was able to put out my 'gone fishing' sign and join Richard at a local lake just behind my friend Nancy's house. There were no trout because of something being done to the lake, but the evening was beautiful and I was able to conquer my fear of deep water combined with little canoes! LOL Richard taught me to paddle and turn and I was even able to relax enough to do some trout fishing. We are hoping the water calms down enough by the end of the week to go again and actually catch some lake trout. I also got a bonus of beautiful bird watching while rowing. Here is a grebe and a goldeneye. Wish I could have gotten a little closer, but was happy to get these pictures.


De'Etta said...

What a great canoe. I really missing doing the canoe trails up there....we've not put them in once down here....though I keep threatening to load one on the roof of the new van and GO. LOL

Kristine said...

VERY cool, and how Alaska-like to be boating around in a homemade canoe.

Cynthia said...

Love the homemade canoe!