Monday, April 23, 2007

A few more sights from Uncle Phil's Diner...

Over the loud speaker they announced that table number 22 (which was our table) needed straws so EVERY waiter and waitress came by with a handful of straws for us! It was pretty funny. We make spitwad shooters, decorations and little poppers.
This is Richard getting in 'trouble' with Uncle Phil for using his paper tablecloth for his spit wads! The grown ups had more fun than the kids there on Saturday! LOL
Here is Kyle and his friends competing in the Bubble Gum Blowing Contest. They all lost to Carmen who blew the first bubble. Of course the boys say they thought the contest was for the biggest bubble and that is why they lost! Boys...
Okay! This was just NOT funny. One of the waitresses came up to me and pushed me out of my seat and told me she wanted me to come up front for something wonderful. I BEGGED her not to make me do this, but she insisted. I KNEW I was going to be embarrassed and boy was I. They brought me up on stage and proceeded to give me a crown and birthday cake and to sing Happy Birthday to me...until...someone in the crowd yelled out, 'It is NOT her birthday!" At that point they started ripping off my crown and trying to take my cake away from me and shooing me off stage!! If fought for the cake but lost in the end and had to slink my way off the stage with the crowd booing! LOL It was a hoot!

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